DJ Services

Punjabi Fusion are the most sought after DJ's and event hosts in the North. Whether it being a small lavish event to a large extravagant Read More

Digital Sound System

Punjabi Fusion Digital Sound System
Punjabi Fusion use a front of house digital sound system at all events. Providing high quality crisp sound quality is an absolute must for us. Read More

Fibre Optic Star Cloth

Punjabi Fusion FIbre Optic Star Cloth
A fibre optic star cloth can be used as a backdrop to finish off the clean look of the dj set up. Alternatively you could... Read More

LED Vision Cloth

Punjabi Fusion LED Vision Cloth
The LED vision cloth is a simple but effective visual effect to add to any event. As well as adding and finishing off the clean look of the dj setup Read More

Plasma & Projector Screens

Plasma and Projector screens are an excellent way to display all types of visuals to your guest at any type of event. Read More

LED Display Screens

Punjabi Fusion LED Display Screens
LED screens are fast becoming an industry standard for all events. They provide a huge visual display and working similar to the... Read More

LED RGB Mood Lighting

Punjabi Fusion LED RGB Mood Lighting
Mood lighting can be used to transform any venue from large to small, creating the perfect romantic setting with soft fading colours... Read More

LED RGB Pin Spot

Punjabi Fusion LED RGB Pin Spot
The LED RGB Pin Spot can be set to any colour you wish to keep in theme with the colours of your event. Read More

Bespoke Lighting

Punjabi Fusion Bespoke Lighting
Our bespoke lighting package can be used to totally transform the look and feel of any venue leaving your guest with an... Read More

LED Dance Floor

Punjabi Fusion LED Dance Floor
The pea lght dance floor comes in a range of different sizes and also in black or white. With the built in led pea lights adding that extra twinkle to any event. Read More

Lazer Show

Punjabi Fusion Lazer Show
Create the ultimate club feel and look with an amazing lazer shows. Available in fixed or multiple colours. Read More

Indoor Fireworks

Punjabi Fusion Indoor Fireworks
Start your event the way you want it to finish, with a big bang. With indoor fireworks adding that extra spectacular sparkling effect to your event.  Read More


Punjabi Fusion Confetti
Confetti adds to the excitement and colour of that special moment. Whether it be your first dance, cake cutting, birthday cake or... Read More

Haze & Low Fog Machine

Punjabi Fusion Haze & Low Fog Machine
Haze & Low Fog Machines can be used to alter the atmosphere or any venue and event. Using the haze machine to highlight the lighting in... Read More